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If there is a problem with your residential or commercial roof in Lakewood Park, the My Florida Roofing Contractor team can provide the right solution for you. Our commercial and residential roofing company offers a fast and affordable option to roof replacement. We handle roof repairs in Lakewood Park for all roof types, including asphalt.

The first step in repairing a roof is to identify the source of the problem, most often the type of leak. Our technicians will quickly find the cause of your leak and then provide recommendations on how to fix the problem. A roof that has weakened from weather or other detriments can cause drywall damage, wood rot, and fungus.

The good news is that there are repair solutions out there that can stop this problem and save your roof right now. Often times, leaks in your roof are caused by the following issues:

Flashing Problems

Flashing is used on roofs to prevent water from leaking out of your home or business. It is located around the chimney and its sidewalls. The chimney solution will break down over time, and when this happens, the flashing will begin to loosen, causing leaks. In this case, the flash must be replaced and sealed in order to fulfill its waterproof function. If you are dealing with leaks from your roof in Lakewood Park and aren't sure if it's your flashing, then give our team a call today.

Faulty Pipe Boot

A pipe boot is a water pipe that flows upward and lays on the roof. Pipe boots are made of rubber and usually don't last as long as the roof itself. Bad weather conditions can put a lot of stress on these pipes. If they crack, they create a leaky roof. To solve this problem, the pipe boots must not only be replaced but also properly sealed.

Clogged Gutters

While this rarely happens in Lakewood Park, cold conditions can cause water in the gutters to freeze and turn into large icicles. When this happens, the excess water gets stuck and starts to reach the roofline. This causes water leaks on the outer walls of the building or house. Using ice and water shields are the best way to eliminate this problem and prevent leaks.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for My Florida Roofing Contractor. As a result, homeowners can rely on our technicians to quickly identify the location of their roofing problem and find a solution. No matter what roof you have, we will try to repair your roof before suggesting a new one is needed before buying a new roof.

Flat Roof Repair In Lakewood Park

Repair of flat roofs can be carried out on all types of commercial buildings, including warehouses and office buildings. Buildings that are covered with flat roofs and need repair rely on expert roofing professionals to solve leaking or other issues to the roof.

Selecting to repair your flat roof is an effective and inexpensive alternative to buying a new one. The team at My Florida Roofing Contractor can identify your roofing problems and offer lasting fixes like a silicone coating that will keep your roof intact. The best roofing company that Lakewood Park has to offer is just a phone call away- so reach out today.

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