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Signs of Poor Ventilation in Your Roof

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Ventilation plays a vital role in the longevity of your home. As it is, your home keeps your possessions dry from the weather outside. Especially in Florida, where we have a lot of wet and rainy weather, ventilation is vital for a dry, cool home. So how does good ventilation help keep your home comfortable? Here are some things you need to know about ventilation and what you can do if you see signs of poor ventilation in your attic and home.

Why is good ventilation important?

Adequate ventilation allows air to flow through your space. Good airflow is good because it will enable the hot air to rise to the top of your home and escape through vents.

What would happen if the hot air couldn't escape?

First of all, it would make your home feel warmer, and that would increase your costs of cooling. During the summer, a cool home is essential to be comfortable even when the temperature and the humidity are high.

When it's scorching out, and the sun is beating down your roof day after day, it can increase the temperature in your home and the attic. If your attic isn't insulated well, that heat will also come down into the living areas.

How does humidity affect the health of my home?

In Florida, there is a lot of humidity! If an attic has poor ventilation, the humid air can get trapped inside your home. Not only does this cause a temperature rise, but it also causes moisture to linger. All the wood and insulation in your attic are susceptible to moisture. Too much water in the air can create the perfect conditions for mold to grow.

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What signs should I look for when I have poor ventilation?

Learn some things to look for if you have poor ventilation:

1. A rise in your cooling bill. This can happen when the attic insulation is weakened by water.

2. Cooling equipment is prone to breakdown and needs repairs. This could signify that it is working extra hard to keep your home cool.

3. Warped or damaged shingles on the outside of your roof. This may mean that moisture can get into your attic underneath the shingles.

4. A damp feeling in your attic.

5. Low air quality in your home.

What can I do if I see signs of poor ventilation?

A professional roofing company can inspect the effectiveness of your attic insulation for you and any damage to your roof that may let in moisture. If moisture is allowed to linger in your attic, it can cause more costly problems in the future.

Knowing some things about your roof is also helpful to understand if it is still in good condition. Knowing how old your roof is will help determine if your attic insulation works correctly.

Keeping cooling costs down not only helps your budget but also helps the environment. When your ventilation is working great, the steady flow of air will keep your home cooler and at a more comfortable temperature.

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