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Top 3 Signs That Indicate It’s Time For Skylight Repairs

Skylight repair

Adding a skylight to your home brings with it many benefits, including the beautiful introduction of more natural light into your home. A skylight adds warmth from solar heating, can reduce utility costs, and improves energy efficiency.

However, skylights are also notorious for being problematic due to the precarious installation process. An inferior quality product or mishandled install job can lead to countless issues. However, even a quality skylight installed with skill and precisions can face complications over time.

If you even suspect you may have developing problems with a skylight, it’s time to call in a professional roofing company for an assessment and possible repair needs. Remember, you only need one sign to indicate there could be an issue, so don’t wait for multiple red flags to be raised. Call for professional help right away.

Professional Intervention From A Roofing Contractor For Your Skylight

Some roofing issues are apparent. A severe storm moves through and dumps golf-ball-sized hail on your home, and the roof takes an expected beating. You arrange for an inspection, maneuver through the storm damage insurance process, and your roof is repaired or replaced.

However, some roof issues may go unnoticed until things are bad enough to compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system. To avoid that, it’s essential to be a diligent homeowner on the lookout for signs of distress. To do that, you have first to know some of the common warning signs to watch for.

  1. Water Staining or Damage
    There’s no way to deny that the presence of moisture or water inside your home from or near a skylight isn’t acceptable. If you notice streaks, bubbling, discoloration, mold, flaking, or dripping, make the call immediately. The sooner you’re able to catch the problem, the less damage water intrusion and leaks can cause.
  2. Cracks
    Cracks in any glass for doors or windows need prompt attention. However, when the glass is above your head, the urgency is more immediate.
  3. Drafty Interior
    Homeowners often hear drafts before they feel them when it’s coming from an overhead source. If you hear or feel a breeze or your utility costs spike inexplicably, have your skylights checked out for good measure.

When in doubt, have it checked out. The experts at MY Florida Roofing Contractor are ready, willing, and more than willing to act as your preferred Vero Beach roofing company (bold) to help with skylight repairs and more.


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Then please call us at (772) 453-7219 or complete our online request form.